a Affordable Yet Memorable Travels: Tips and Tricks in Getting Inside the Louvre Museum Faster, No Long Queues Needed!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tips and Tricks in Getting Inside the Louvre Museum Faster, No Long Queues Needed!

Louvre Museum is not not simple. It is a museum so huge in value, in sze, in contents and in queue to get in! If one does not know how to get through quicker, a big part of the day would be really wasted only in waiting in queue to enter or purchase the ticket! In fact,one day is already so insufficient in exploring the Louvre museum and if one wastes more time queing, then that's just worse! Entering the Louvre Museum in Paris or the musée du Louvre in Parigi, or in Parijs can bereally annoyingif you take the major entrance passing the pyramid. We were very lucky to have discovered a hassle-free, faster way and quicker means of entering the Louvre museum in Paris. How? Never pass the main entrance which passes by the pyramid. Then how? Enter through other entrances! Palais-Royal–Musée du Louvre station is one of the means to enter without problem. From there, people can walk directly to the reception and buy tickets from ticket vending machines just nearby the Louvre museum information / reception desks. Below is a series of photos to guide you to enter the Louvre museum more conveniently and at the same time,explains what possibly may happen to you if you do not discover this trick: wasting time and suffering from heat/cold awaiting your turn to enter in thelong queue.

As you see, there are various ways. In our case, we entered through the Metro station: no lines, no hassle, just plain comfort and ease. We did not do what the people in the photo below did. Can you imagine how long they waited? This photo was actually when we were leaving, which means almost the end of the day and yet, they were still waiting there in long queue!

Here's yours truly buying our tickets at ease and with fun! No queues behind me so I was really having fun and just purchased my ticket in a relaxed manner. Look at the flags as well, possibly ypu speak at least one of the available languages that the Louvre museum ticket-vending machines offer
There is a very approachable information desk and if it looks too full, there are always official information guides that walks around and more than willing to help.


  1. great tip! merci beaucoup:-)))

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